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Gloria Taped
She's 25 years old and lives in a small town outside Seattle. She loves writing stories and poems, reading, keeping track of world event, riding roller coasters.  To be dominated by one or more men makes her very very hot.

Cuffed in Miniskirt:
High heels, handcuff, tit clamps, there are lot of things to make this session very exciting. 24 high resolution pictures in member sessions.
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Mousetraps on Gloria
Gloria is a beautiful submissive girl. Pain makes her very nasty, Mousetraps on her nipples means to start suffering and continuing with lot of pleasure.

Video Clips
High number of members ask for Video section.  Here we are!  At least six unseen  video clips monthly rotated.  Watch and hear our beautiful girls under domination, roped, gagged, blindfolded, tied up, tortured.

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Gloria Hogtied
Another great session. 39 pictures of Gloria hogtied with clamped nipples. She's in hard pain  but when I caress her pussy lips found her completely wet!

Tanja's Antiques:
Old fashion style session.  Tanja hogtied, ballgagged, tits tortured over '800 style rooms. 


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