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Awaken, My Slave

Please note: The activities and methods described in these writeups do not always represent safe, sane, or consensual practice of BDSM or sex, and are not intended as models for your own personal play.


You are awakened by a sound, a soft sound, an unfamiliar clinking of metal against metal. Before you have even opened your eyes your mind begins to race, trying to supply a source for the rouge noise drifting through the bedroom. A sweet perfume of burning candle wax swirls in your nostrils. Opening eyes, they are filled by the eerie, flickering light spilling into the room from down the hall. Bemused curiosity takes over where fear leaves off and you climb from the bed as silently as your bare feet will allow. Standing cat like on the balls of your feet you creep to the doorway, pausing as the sounds echo around the room. Once again you hear the soft tinkle of metal and the brushing sound of material against material.

Peering around the corner you see the flames of many finite points merging and collecting, turning into a kaleidoscope of colors along the walls and ceiling of the hallway. A prickly sensation begins along your spine as you approach the head of stairs. The dancing of the small flames appears to make the stairs move beneath your carefully placed feet. You realize that in order to see into the room below you will have to be completely exposed on the stairway landing. This concerns you, but only briefly, as you silently move into the light.

Candles flicker from their perches. Haphazardly, yet artistically so, they shine from every surface of the room. 'Clink' the sound seems distant and you pause. Strangely, before stepping onto the landing you would have sworn that the sound was from below. But now, as your eyes squint back up the stairs into the darkness, you are not at all sure from where the noise came. Your indecision begins to eat away at your courage. You are becoming less curious with each heartbeat. As the tingling in your spine grows, the scales between curiosity and fear begin to sway. You glance back down to the candle lit room but are suddenly unsure about which way to proceed. 'Crack' the unmistakable sound of leather against leather slashes like lightning from a darkened sky above you.

The startling noise causes you to turn suddenly and loose your balance. Catching yourself against the wall of the landing, you glimpse a figure standing in the darkness at the top of the stairs. A whimper escapes your lips as your eyes search the darkness for clues. Black against black, yet somehow distinct, the form stands silently above you. Carelessly you attempt to slowly rise from your crouch. Your fear is being held in check by something you can sense, but not see. 'Smack' a motion from the figure above you brings a loud cacophony of leather, filling your ears.

"Stay just as you are." A voice booms from the figure. Startled again by the sudden words, you halt your attempt to right yourself and remain still. From the darkness above, a booted foot descends to the first stair. As the figure approaches you can smell the material of his clothes. Black leather steals the light from the air causing an aura of night to swirl around the figure.

"What is...", you begin.

"Shhh..." is the response that interrupts your question.

"But Kurt I..." you are cut short in your protest.

"Silence!" The sound of the slapping leather resonates very close to you, making you jump involuntarily. For the first time you are able to make out that I am holding a leather whip in my hand. Every flick of my wrist brings the whip's strands into loud contact with the high leather of my boot.

"You will not speak unless it is in direct response to my words. Do you understand?"

You nod as I continue down the stairs.

"Your eyes..." I begin to say, but you quickly turn them down toward the carpeting. I pause momentarily before continuing my decent to stand over you.

You can sense my eyes roaming over your body and feel suddenly exposed. Glancing through your tousled hair you try to hide the smile that creeps to the edges of your mouth. Your excitement is mixed with apprehension, but still grows. Tonight is going to be far more interesting then your had thought upon climbing into bed. You hide your smile as best as you can.

A gloved hand reaches out and caresses your cheek, slowly moving along your jaw line. The silky sensation of the gentle gloved fingers move under your chin and gently lift your eyes to meet mine. As your head rises, you soak in the erotic tension. I am dressed in black leather pants tucked tightly into high leather boots. My shirt lays slightly open at the collar, tantalizingly exposing just a hint of my chest from between the soft black material. The serenity of my face hides the power that you can feel flowing from me. Twitching my wrist, the leather bands of the whip make hushed sounds against my boot, reminding you of the flail. You glance at it momentarily. The darkness of the leather is braided with a beautiful blue, accenting the handle against my palm. You shiver.

I gently lower myself to a crouch before you, always holding your eyes with mine. My hand again moves along your cheeks barely touching your skin with the velvety gloves. Before you can move both my hands have gripped your nightshirt's collar and have shredded it to the waist. I pause, looking deep into your startled eyes, before deftly tearing through the remaining material and pulling the tattered rag from around your body.

The light from the candles is almost perceptively warm against your bare skin. The exposure was so sudden and unexpected that you momentarily feel none of the chill night air.....

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