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Ropedgirls is updated  weekly.                more pictures here!

Monthly Photo Contest


Once a month we will reward one of our contributing visitors a special prize for their impressive photos or  video clips!    Please send to with your name (you can use an alias...), e-mail address (real please, we have to contact winners) and your photos! We won't post any info, we respect your privacy... and if you prefer initials, just say so in your email with your pics and story!

Send your ORIGINAL sessions!! Winner 'll get one month free subscription. Send at least 10 real amateur bondage photos, please! 

Legal Advice 
Please make sure that the material you send us is yours, and not someone else's. 
Please be sure the material is not copyrighted and/or stolen from another web site. 
You must be fully aware that by sending us your material by e-mail, you are in effect releasing us from any legal ramifications that may arise from the public display of the images in question. 
We do not accept any material which shows persons under 18 years old or images of persons who look like being younger than 18 years old. 
We have the right to refuse your contribution without any further explanation.



Slave Clare

Slave Clare.

Slave Clare

Slave Clare.

Slave Diva

Amateur Diva.

Slave Clare

Slave Clare is Back.

Slave Shauna

Slave Shauna.

Amateur Slave Mary

Slave Mary.

Amateur Slave Annie

Slave Annie.

 Clare Tied at Home

Clare tied at Home.

 Clare gagged and blindfolded

Clare gagged and blindfolded on the bed.

Again  from  slave Clare

Slave Clare is one of the nicest true amateur at Ropedgirls. Thanks!

More pictures from amateur slave Clare

Slave Clare is back. Great pictures sent from her Master. Please send more. Thanks!

Leda in Tight Bondage

Slave Leda in Tight Bondage. 

Slave Viki

Beautiful Viki outdoor tied up and exposed. 

Slave Cathy from Paris

Very nice slave Cathy from Paris. 

Slave Clare

December WINNER!

Very nice slave Clare.  "Here are some photos of my wife Clare. I hope they will feature on your website".  You're the winner Clare!

Slave Queenie

After leaving me tied to a chair for hours, he finally let me up, only to push me down on the bed for one final humiliation. Thank you... Queenie.

The Un-invited Guests (Pics + Story)

What to do with yourself when you have got time on your hands, my husband was a way on a course in London, and was still two days from coming home...            (continue)

Amateur Esclavas

Beautiful Stephine

Kidnapped Slave (Pics + Story)


The day had started just like any other day, her husband had gone to work at his regular time 8.30am out of the house to catch the 9.00am train, having been married for seven years they where still so much in love, she would do anything for him, and like wise he would.
Having taken her morning shower, looking in the mirror she was admiring her body, 36b breasts very firm, looking down to her pussy area..... (continue)

Cara' Slavery Pictures

Hotsub: Home Fetish

Real Wife

Hotsub: Legs, Hose and Feet

The Skull

High Heels, Stockings and Lingerie from Hotsub

More from HotSub: Legs and Feet



Slaves Sarah and Tamara

Dennis Slave Wife



Slave Betty

More from Beautiful Slave Betty...

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From central AR Irish Slave Ginger. She's a Bondage and Submission amateur and loves to be exposed to our friends.


"Here are pics of my girlfriend Rosine for your contest".  Received this email, nothing else, from France.  Maybe you have to work hard with Photoshop, isn't?.


From Anonimous friend we received some wife Shively 
bondage with sex pictures.

Mixed Gallery

From Fans of Ropedgirls a pictures selection that cannot partecipate to the contest (not about quality but few pictures to create a gallery). 

Daniel Wife

From Brasil, Daniel sent these Wife's pictures with friend.

Roped Randi

Randi, a beautiful slave roped by her Boyfriend.  
Enjoy her private pictures at !

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Slave Betty

"Hi there,Great site!  

We are both pretty excited about sending our pictures. 
I am attaching 5 photos in this email and more from the same set
 in the next email."   Received these GREAT pictures of Jerry's girlfriend Betty: She absolutely wins the monthy contest!

Porcellina (from Italy)

Some pictures of a Slavewife sent from Italy. 
Please send more of your nice slave. Thanks.


From Bernard some pics of his  girlfriend  Kimberly.  She is so cute and  loves to be gagged and drowling like crazy. 

Jeff's Wife

A wonderful Wife and wonderful pictures. Thanks Jeff. 
Your wife would be a bondage model, I'm sure she'll get tons of Fans!! 

Annie pictures (new gallery)

Another great pictures gallery from bondage and 
kinky lover Annie: enjoy the photos.. more to come! 

September WINNER! 

Slut Annie kinky girls tied up

Annie pictures

Annie, you are incredible!  She sent lot of pictures: bondage, feet, domination, forced sex.  Enjoy this great gallery.  Thank you Annie, send more please, our friends (and us) need your pictures. 

Slut Annie in bondage

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Sandy and Keith private pictures

They share with us these few "private" pictures.
 Thank you and send more! 

Sandy in bondage

Josef's Wife (more pictures)
Hi Josef, you are the Monthly Photo Contest WINNER!   
March WINNER! 

Josef's Wife
Great pictures from Germany. 

Henry's Girlfriend
Hi Henry, thanks for your pictures. I think you have great fun with your nice girl. Please, send more and share with us this beautiful.

Storm's Wife
Our friend Storm sent these photos. Mummification is another great fetish. You have done a good job, but please improve pictures quality. :-)

Amateur Carola
Hi, I came across your website and saw where one can send personal photos to enter to win a free subscription for a month. Here are some of my photos hope you enjoy them. Carola.

Derrick presents his friend Janet
Janet is a very fine brunette. Derrick says that she likes very much domination and having sex gagged and bound.  Why don't you send more pictures? We need it!! 

Thanks Eileen.  Sure, we know you're not precisely a top model, but we know that a lot of visitors LOVE fat girls too, Enjoy, guys.  

We do not knowingly publish copyrighted material without permission. 
If you find copyrighted material on this site, please notify
 us so we may credit the author or remove it from our site.

As the flogger hits its mark, her pussy gets wetter


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