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My Birthday Wish

Please note: The activities and methods described in these writeups do not always represent safe, sane, or consensual practice of BDSM or sex, and are not intended as models for your own personal play.

It was wonderful!!! One of the best parties i've ever been too... and to think it was in honor of my birthday. *s*

My girlfriend, M, was my house sub and she did an incredible job of making sure everyone was welcomed and took care of food and drinks so i could relax and enjoy the evening. i dressed in my latex catsuit for the festivities and i looked pretty damn good if i do say so myself (patting myself on the back for those 50 lbs i dropped by the wayside over the last year). Another girlfriend of mine provided catering for the party and i have got to get that recipe for chocolate angel food!! It was the yummiest!!

Everyone had a wonderful time, especially my friends from a chat room i used to play in all the time on Excite. They were total scene novices when they came up... only online until the party. Chris and i had pre-arranged with one of our favorite friends, P, to be sure to chat with them and help them feel relaxed and welcome.... They ended up playing all night with quite a few of our friends and then Chris and P co-topped one of the girls for a scene for about two hours. We finally went to bed around 5 a.m.... P spent the night (as did my two friends) and another girlfriend of mine (whom i adore snuggling with and have played with before) stayed in our room and i got to wake up spooned up next to her. Chris and P did some more co-topping with my two chat girlfriends that morning, including an electric scene with one of them that left all three of them wet and grinning *s* i was busy cleaning up after the party (if jo wants to play, jo has to clean up is the first rule Chris ever made for me). So i didn't get to witness the electric scene, but i heard it all the way in the playroom *g*. Neither of them wanted to leave but they had a long drive home.

My waxing was the most incredible scenes i have ever had (so far, *g*). It was very intense with almost 20 people dripping hot wax all over me from their birthday favor candles....

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